Bear Cups are 1 v 1 League of Legends tournaments hosted by myself, every Saturday 1:00 PM PDT(UTC/GMT-7)

Watch it live: twitch.tv/megumixbear

I organize these Bear Cups to express my gratitude to my Bearcubs! Please sign up and spread the word!! I expect some ownage!

How to join?

To join Bear Cups, all you have to do is click the "Click to join" button at the top of this page. Fill out the information, and you're signed up!
Participants are randomly selected, gggl~

Signups for every Bear Cup NA start Saturday at 1:00 PM PDT and end Wednesday at 11:00 PM PDT.

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Rules and Prizes

Competition Mode:
Map - Summoner's Rift
Blind Pick 1v1 Mid lane only
Best of 1 Single Elimination Tournament
Best of 3 Semi-Finals & Finals
Winner takes all

Champion Selection:
Players can choose any champion (doesn't have to be the same throughout the entire tournament)

Match Creation:
All games must be played with an Admin present. Please wait in the designated channel and the Admin will invite you to your game according to schedule.

Check in:
Please check in by 12:00 PT (1 hour before tournament) or you will be automatically disqualified. All participants are emailed check in forms once they are selected.

A player disconnecting will have no effect on the game. If the player reconnects in time and manages to fulfill a winning condition, that player is still deemed the winner. There will be no remakes.

Please note that I will be busy casting throughout the entire tournament.
If there are any issues or you have any questions, please contact your designated admin.

Winning Conditions:
1. First Blood
2. First Tower
3. 100 CS (Jungle minions and top/bottom lane minions     are not allowed, even through use of skills, ie     Gangplank's Ultimate, as this will result in a     Disqualification)
4. More CS at the end of 10 minutes if none of the above     conditions are met

Prize: 520 RP or lower skin of your choice.

Be on time. Players will only be given up to 5 minutes to show up for the match. Arriving late and being discourteous to other players will result in a forfeit game.

Results will be posted by the Admins on the website's bracket.


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Bear Cups need admins! Admins will help out by spectating Bear Cups matches and confirming the winners. If you'd like to become an admin and help with the tournaments, please fill out this form: Admin Sign Up.

If you'd like to help out Bear Cups but don't want to admin, donations are always welcome! Donations can be made via Paypal here.


Please feel free to contact us below for any suggestions or ideas moving forward.
Your feedback means a lot to us because it helps us improve. Thanks in advance! ♥

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Email me: feedback@megumixbear.com       

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